Business Linux

Bul Si Case Study

Customer profile:

Bul Si is a Sofia-based IT solutions provider developing and implementing scalable applications for the public sector. The company was founded in 2009 and follows an aggressive growth strategy. The first clients of its e-services solution were various municipalities in Bulgaria.

The Challenge:

The goal of Bul Si Board of Directors was to establish the company as a preferred partner of the public sector in Bulgaria. In order to implement this goal, they decided to invest in a stable IT infrastructure and server hardware. Linux-based solutions were considered with priority due to the important requirements of the public sector for security and reliability.

The Solution:

After analyzing the key areas of improvement of Bul Si infrastructure, Ins Info Trading team selected for deployment a specific package of services covering network infrastructure, mail communication, IP telephony and fax server, corporate portal, data archiving and tools for 24*7 monitoring. The parameters of all services were configurable centrally by the local administrator with the support of GOSA (active directory) tools.

The Result:

Bul Si management was very happy with the IT infrastructure stability and overall performance improvements. The number of incidents and downtime drastically decreased. External security attacks were blocked and efficiently managed. The Board of Directors noticed all this was achieved with low hardware expenses and without spending anything for software licenses.