Industry Solutions

Insurance Brokerage:

Ins Info Suite covers all internal business processes at insurance brokers. It is open also for integration with external software applications. As a result, our customers can reach drastic productivity improvements which impact overall performance in sales, customer service, product development, claim registration and processing, data exchange with partners.

General Insurance:

Ins Info Suite comes with tools for easy and flexible product definition meeting both corporate and regulatory requirements. The business experts are authorized to define products, risks, coverage, rules and rates. The products are published? for sales thereafter and distributed via different sales channels: intermediaries, corporate sales network, online sales, etc. The capabilities for integration with financial software automate the process for accounting and premium collection.

Life insurance:

Ins Info Suite includes also long-term insurance policies and tracking of changes with riders? during policy duration. The history trail and comparison of changes could be done easily. The platform supports individual and group types of insurance. Risk funds?? (what do you mean? Use a different word), savings and maintenance costs could be configured and automatically calculated.