Business Linux  is a unique and integrated office solution consisting of open source software modules designed to meet high requirements for scalability. The modules have been already adopted by numerous businesses worldwide including EU government institutions. The solution offers tools for centralized configuration and administration (such as MS active directory) of all services of the corporate network.

Business Linux components and services:

  • Network servers Isc dhcpd (DHCP) & Bind (DNS)
  • File server – NFS, SAMBA
  • Software telephony server Asterisk
  • Mail server (Postfix, Dovecot/Syros) and web mail client (RoundCube)
  • Antispam protection Spamassassin
  • Web server Apache
  • Active directory GOSA
  • FTP server Pureftpd
  • LDAP server – OpenLdap
  • Task management system – GLPI
  • Internal Wiki portal
  • Archiving software Rsnahsphot
  • Automatic procedures for maintenance and upgrade
  • Open source software for workstations

Advantages of Business Linux for you:

Free and upto date software : 0.00 $ license costs and unlimited access to the latest software versions/releases
Enhanced productivity : Light and Stable operating system and tested software packages
Higher security : Very fast delivery of patches by the software vendors
No more viruses and hackers : All versions of the software are tested by millions of volunteers before releasing them
Flexibility of infrastructure : During structural changes and reorganization of the company
Low resource consumption : Lower hardware requirements, improved productivity of the end users, as a consequence less investments
Improved maintenance costs : Fast upgrades and better performance of IT administrators